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No idea, even an idea as close to the hearts of many Russians as the indivisibility of Russia, can justify a war against a whole people. A democratic country cannot keep a nation in thrall by military force. The Russian-Chechen war is a clear demarcation, the turning of Russia back to ...

Apr 23, 2007 · Boris N. Yeltsin, the first elected leader of the Russian Federation whose death was announced today, always gave historians fits.. Writing in 2000, the year after Mr. Yeltsin’s New Year’s Eve resignation, Bill Keller asked if there was “any major figure of our time been so variously caricatured as Boris Yeltsin.”

Boris Yeltsin President of the Russian Republic in 1991--the first post-Cold War leader; he came to power by helping Mikhail Gorbachev when hard-line Communists attempted to overthrow him--but soon forced Gorbachev to resign & declared an end to the USSR

Kalp Rahatsızlığı Sonucunda Vefat Eden Rusya Eski Cumhurbaşkanı Yeltsin İçin ABD Başkanı Bush “Tarihi Bir Şahsiyet. Sovyetler Birliği Dağılırken Kilit Rol Oynadı“ Derken, İngiltere Başbakanı Blair, “Demokratik ve Ekonomik Reform Gereğini Gören Olağanüstü Bir İnsandı“ İfadesini Kullandı. Colton seems taken by Yeltsin’s leadership, and if leadership means the ability to enforce your will on a country, then one must accept that Yeltsin was a leader. However, in my view a leader must also be a manager, and although he seems unaware of it, the picture Colton has painted of Yeltsin’s management style is appalling.