Firefighter evaluation check off sheets

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Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department Firefighter Check-Off Sheet Rescue Squad Company Prior to riding the Rescue Squad in a mask capacity at the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department the volunteer firefighter will meet the following training objectives. As each objective is met a

completed study guides, completed home skill check off sheets• Appropriate dress- no shorts, open toed shoes, sleeveless shirts- department t-shirts ok • Complete set of approved turnout gear• Approved SCBA w/spare cylinder• 20' 8-10 mm non-life, utility rope for knot tying & fireground functions• NO Body piercings for hands-ontape, straps, etc. to perform the skills included on the particular skill sheet. 5. Some skill sheets reference other skill sheets. When this occurs, all of the steps of the referenced skill sheets should be evaluated. 6. A digital watch can be used by proctor in place of a "watch with a second hand." 7. Get useful tips and tools to help your fire department minimize risk and reduce or prevent injuries and accidents. Candidate Interview Scoring Form A form is filled out for each candidate. Pick and choose among the questions below or be creative and write your own. Remember to make them open ended, job specific and within legal guidelines! Write down in advance what you want to hear from the

You can add a list of bench marks on a check off sheet that meets your needs, just don't forget the primary ones. If your keeping track of the accountability and you call for a PAR check, have each officer or sector officer just report "PAR" and their location and what they are doing, such as this: "Engine 1 PAR, Delta side exterior ...If above the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT), and no exceptions apply, was an Acquisition Plan (AP), Life Cycle Management Plan (LCMP), or Streamlined Acquisition Strategy Summary (SASS) approved at the appropriate level and included in the contract file?Performance Evaluation #1: Transportation Safety Objective: Given a real or simulated incident, students will travel to and from the incident via foot, vehicle or combination of both. Instructors will observe students and evaluate using the following checklist. Instructor Checklist: Score by placing a check mark in the box. PPE properly worn.Understanding and using NFPA 1582 and the IAFF/IAFC Wellness Fitness Initiative . Information and sample documents to assist with the education and implementation of . an annual medical evaluation program. Chief Jake Rhoades . Kim C. Favorite ®