Fairfax county circuit court cover sheet

Fairfax County cover sheets are required to be submitted with all initial civil filings. There are three cover sheets available for use depending on the type of case being filed, either a domestic case, an adoption case or all other civil cases. These cover sheets should be completed in full and submitted as part of the initial pleading.

Following the list is a brief summary of each form and its purpose. This list of forms is not exhaustive and not all forms listed are required for every divorce. Due to unique case situations and special divorce filing procedures in Virginia, certain forms may or may not be required by the Virginia courts. The Land Records Division of the Fairfax Circuit Court is located on the third floor of the Fairfax County Courthouse at 4110 Chain Bridge Road in Suite 317. Telephone 703-691-7320 (press 3, then 3) (TTY 711). The Land Records Division accepts documents from property transactions in Fairfax County ...

Affidavit For Service By Publication-Order Of Publication-Civil {CCR-A-285} This is a Virginia form that can be used for Civil within Local County, Fairfax, Circuit Court. Circuit Court Civil Forms To print a form, use the browser's print feature. How to Fill Out Revisable PDF Forms Format of Forms. The following forms can be completed online and printed for submission to the court. In response to an increasing caseload and a mounting backlog of civil cases, the Fairfax Circuit Court, serving a population of 838,000, devised an innovative Differentiated Case Tracking Program (DCTP) to schedule cases according to individualized timelines established by the court, not by litigants and attorneys which was previously the norm.

In the Circuit Court of the [ ] City [ ] County of ..... v. This addendum is filed with and incorporated by reference in the document(s) indicated below, from which the Cannot be served with court process, and that a return has been filed by the Sheriff which shows that the process has been in his or her hands for twenty-one (21) days and the Sheriff has been unable to make service; OR OTHER: _____ Not all court progress dockets will have electronic case records available for viewing, especially older case records that have not been electronically filed. You may also order copies of court records. * Please remember that information provided through this site does not constitute the official court records of the Clerk. × § 8.01-407. How summons for witness issued, and to whom directed; prior permission of court to summon certain officials and judges. A. A summons may be issued, directed as prescribed in § 8.01-292, commanding the officer to summon any person to attend on the day and at the place that such attendance is desired, to give evidence before a court, grand jury, arbitrators, magistrate, notary, or ... Before a garnishment case can be filed, the judgment must be docketed in the Loudoun County Circuit Court Clerk's office for a period of 21 days. Once judgment has been recorded in the Clerk's office of the Circuit Court of Loudoun County, an instrument number will be designated to identify the judgment. To change the Jurisdiction, go to the Circuit Court Deed Calculation and then select a Court. To create a new cover sheet, click NEXT. To revise and/or complete a previously saved file, select the existing file and then click UPLOAD FILE. Enter the requested information for each applicable tab.