Osl sheet

OSL-20=Overall Spread Lens LSL-20=Linear Spread Lens Louvers LVR-20=Hex Cell Louver Media - 4” Color Filters LND-RED=Red Color Filter LND-BLU=Blue Color Filter Dichronic Filters LND-CLR=Clear Protective Glass Lens LND-AMB=Amber Color Filter LND-PCH=Cosmetic Peach Filter LND-MWL=Milk White Lens Beam-Modifying Lenses LND-UVF=Optivex™ UN Filter

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Dec 24, 2017 · This is a collection of osl shaders that I have found. This collection is intended for use with a version of blender that has been compiled with osl shading enabled. OSL was introduced into blender svn around November 2012 to be included in the 2.65 release. The OSL series open/short/load are used on the test port of both handheld and benchtop Vector Network Analyzers to establish a reference for accurate measurement. The TOSL series Thru/Open/Short/Load calibration kits have been designed to provide superior measurement results when used with precision instruments. In this section you can find some OSL scripts I have written. OSL in Blender is used only with Cycles render and allows for a more versatile usage of the materials. To use them you must use cycles and paste the code into a script node. - Laser Sheet - Random Color - Grid

The OSL technique is a patented and patent pending technology that relies on specially formulated crystalline phosphors that store the effects of radiation exposure.