Molykote 111 compound datasheet

SAFETY DATA SHEET MOLYKOTE(R) 111 COMPOUND Version 4.0 Revision Date: 09/14/2017 SDS Number: 1667193-00009 Date of last issue: 03/10/2017 Date of first issue: 03/24/2015 3 / 11 Retain and dispose of contaminated wash water. Local authorities should be advised if significant spillages cannot be contained. Methods and materials for

molykote compound safety data eet dow corning o ring valve silicone lube sealant grease 111 sheet the sheets master Molykote 111 Compound is a one component, silicone oil that is used for damping, sealing, and lubricating outdoor equipment, pressure systems, electrical equipment, and used as an anti-stick. It provides low volatility, low vapor pressure, wide service temperature range, and water resistance.

DOW CORNING CORPORATION Material Safety Data Sheet Page: 2 of 9 Version: 1.6 Revision Date: 2009/10/26 MOLYKOTE(R) 1000 PASTE The above listed potential effects of overexposure are based on actual data, results of studies performed upon similar compositions,

Dow 111 Silicone Tube Valve Lubricant can be applied by hand, specially designed automated equipment, brushing or wiping. Certain designs of grease guns may seize up; test prior to use. A thinner consistency can be achieved by dispersing in solvents such as xylene, mineral spirits and Methyl Ethyl Ketone (2-Butanone). Compound, Dow Corning® 4 Electrical Insulating Compound and Dow Corning® 111 Valve Lubricant & Sealant Dimethyl silicone compounds for a variety of lubrication and protection applications USES Dow Corning® 7 Release Compound can be used in applications including: • Mold release agent for foundry shell and core molds