Bleed brakes 997 porsche

DeMan Motorsport's slotted replacement rotors for 996/997 GT3 & GT3 Cup. If you've had cracking cross-drilled rotors and want to switch to slotted, then this is the solution for you. Extremely high-quality rotors that are also zinc plated, with deep slotting to last the life of the rotor.

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Many vintage cars can benefit from a “Gravity Bleed” brake fluid bleeding method. It’s easy, generally takes less than 30 minutes and can be accomplished without an assistant for about $10-15 in equipment. Nov 13, 2008 · Some people have suggested that coloured brake fluid be used in order to determine when fresh fluid has been flushed through the entire system. Note: brake fluid is highly corrosive and will mar paint very easily. Bleeding your brakes is a messy job; keep yourself away from the paint and don’t bleed the system in tight garage. Connect a bleeding device to the brake fluid reservoir. Switch on the bleeding device. Bleeding pressure is approx. 2.0 bar. Open bleeder valve at rear on right-hand side, then push the brake pedal all the way down about 5 times and tap the brake caliper gently several times with a rubber hammer during the bleeding process.