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The world's greatest choice of radio show prep material, whatever your radio station size, format or location (UK, US etc) - online or iPad app ... The Prep Sheet.

Sep 07, 2013 · In a time when radio personalities have to make every talk break count, a daily showprep service allows morning shows to focus on creativity, Francis Currie says. The consultant initiated Show Prep to help radio personalities & producers who want to work smarter. It helps morning show teams to work ...

Daily prep with all of your basic needs: Calendars, TV schedules, movie releases, this day in history, Stupid News, Showbiz news, Tabloid stories, great lists and viral video links. Edited with punch lines written by the team from the morning show on KEARTH 101 in L.A.: Gary Bryan, Brandon Castillo and Kevin Couch. Since 2014, Pepper Prep has been an affordable radio show/podcast/internet radio prep service that focuses on radio show prep to "pepper" your on air show or podcast. It's a daily radio "show prep" service that sends neat tid bits and unique stories and You Tube videos from around the world. Scintillating Radio Show Prep Since 1993 Subscribe, Unsubscribe or Renew Daily Service Here: Order Form A major market radio morning show vet since 1975, Ross Brittain was also the editor of a morning show prep sheet for 25 years. He currently works as a DJ at WCBS-FM in New York City. You can reach Ross at [email protected] Remember Me. Sign In Forgot Password. The Complete Sheet; Delicious Audio; Studio Think Tank

Cumulus Media's Westwood One announces a new syndicated show, "Nights with Elaina," hosted by radio and podcast host Elaina Smith, launching on February 3. Elaina is a strong female presence in Country Radio, having hosted shows in San Diego, Florida, and on over 100 stations on "NASH Nights Live," as well More The Prep Sheet leaves you free to develop your show, your personality and your pulling power with your listeners.WE go through the morning's newspapers/news websites so you can get busy on Facebook - we'll give you all the "Sense of the Day" info - the surveys, showbiz, phoner ideas, and main talking points of the day from the UK and international news and events (there are no gags). Pulse of Radio Show Prep The best morning show radio prep – up-to-date music and entertainment news, lifestyle stories, celebrity gossip, audio clips, and more! with MORNING SIDEKICK SHOW PREP & COMEDY. Energize your show with Morning Sidekick prep that's timely, interesting, and fun for the listener AND you! Morning Sidekick fits today's radio: compact, topical, interesting, and - most of all - funny. Our editing is crisp and concise. The stories are easy-to-read and quick to the point.