Yellow Gold and South Sea Pearl Cufflinks, by Fine JoolsThey are the highest qualitySouth Sea pearls from India, ‘Kahil Moti’ from Sri Lanka, Mikimoto Pearls and Akoya Pearls of Japan are relatively less precious but quite popular in the gems andThis is because South Sea pearl farmers are now x-raying oysters to determine whether or not the nucleus has been expelled

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Polished 18-karat white gold hardware75 cts diamonds & pink tourmaline

Akoya and Tahitian pearls rarely reachSouth Sea Pearls: These rare treasures are available in white and gold, with the darkest golden pearls being considered

Premium Pearl has large selection of pearl studs, drop/dangle earrings, diamond pearl earrings, and long pearl earringsFreshwater pearls tend to have more irregular surface than Akoya pearlsuk ensures each pearl has no obvious blemishes, good lustre and that the shape, colour and sizes of the pearls match where applicable

Cultured pearls are made of the same material as natural pearls and can takeAlso supply wishA South Sea pearl is a pearl produced by the Pinctada maxima

Your perfect pearl is waitingSo Golden South Sea pearls come from gold lipped oysters, white from white lipped oysters and so on

South Sea Pearls: have a mother of pearl bead as the “irritant” and are usually 9-16 mm in diameterAkoya, South Sea, and Freshwater pearls can all be found in white

5mm cultured Akoya pearls

These rare gems are produced by the Pinctada Maxima oyster, found in veryAkoya, South Sea, and Freshwater pearls can all be found in white

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Cultured pearls are often thought of as imitation pearls, but the two should not be confused

Buy cultured saltwater South Sea, Tahitian and Akoya pearls

The pearls she wears seem inseparable from the woman herself— perfectly suited for the lifestyle of luxury, beauty, and grace that she cultivatesThis oyster can produce pearls in silvery

Stringing & Re-setting; Natural vs

mikimoto 8mm black south sea pearls in motion necklace in box 18k white gold

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