Afe dry vs oiled filter

anyone who is familiar with Airaid, please chime in. im trying to decide whether to go with an oiled or dry filter for the CAI on my hemi. airaid customer service is telling me there is no difference in filtration or performance and that either still works better than the paper filters.

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It also helps that the mesh cotton gauze media used gets progressively finer, further helping the direction of airflow. Remember, higher rate of airflow = higher performance. This aFe MagnumFLOW OER PRO filter comes in two versions, the Pro 5 R, which is an oiled filter, and the Pro Dry S, a non-oiled version. Above are the links to both K&N and AFE cold air intakes, k&n the first and afe the second. I have seen the video of the afe CAI and he claims to have a raise up to 3mpg, 20hp, and 15 ft lbs of torque. While the k&n only shows 11.2mpg gain to mpg or torque. KJust wondering which you think is better. AFE claims the Pro Dry S is a bit more efficient. I've seen some people complain of dust past the filter for the Pro Dry S, so I dunno. If you can get the Pro Guard 7 for your application, that's the one to get, but they mostly make them for diesel applications. Air Filter Xl Afe Filters 11 10006 For Sale. You can get Air Filter Xl Afe Filters 11 10006 Discount from well-liked online shopping site. Most of the purchaser testimonials say to that the Air Filter Xl Afe Filters 11 10006 Review are excellent item, read the overview and check price.