20d9 ntc thermistor datasheet 2n3904

The Thermistor, or NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) of 10K, is a standard type. Most types will work.The one in the diagram is a 10K model made by Fenwal (#197-103LAG-A01). The resistance lowers as the surrounding temperature increases which affects the output (pin 6) and energizes the small relay and Led1(optional, just cosmetic and can ...

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Piezo sounder - electronic components search. Search results for "piezo sounder" Results from catalog Categories. Baby & children Computers & electronics Entertainment & hobby Sep 26, 2007 ยท Q1 is a PNP power transistor that supplies current to the motor. T1 is a thermistor that provides temperature sensing, and is mounted to the component that needs to be cooled. T1 is an NTC (negative temperature coefficient) thermistor, which means that the resistance goes down as temperature goes up.

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