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Nuclear Chemistry. Nuclear Binding Energy; Determining the mass defect; Converting mass defect into energy; Expressing nuclear binding energy as energy per mole of atoms or as energy per nucleon; Determining the Energy of a Nuclear Reaction; Kinetics of Radioactive Decay; Calculations using the first order rate equation: r = k[N] Chemistry WS.1, Thermodynamics Page 12 of 15 10. Calculate the work done when a system raises a column of water of radius 5.0 mm through 10 cm. [ Ans: - 3.85 x 10-3 J] 11. Calculate the work done when 50 g of iron reacts with hydrochloric acid in (1) a closed vessel of fixed volume (2) an open beaker at 25 . 12.

Sheet 10: Chemical Potential Problem solving is an integral part of the course and you are strongly encouraged and to work through the problems on the tutorial sheets and then to attend the class.