Dget formula

I am trying to use the dget function where the row selected matches two criteria. The original formula was DGET(BI8:CN33, "time",CN53:CN54), but I wanted to narrow down the selection to remove duplicates (since DGET will not work when there are duplicates) by using a second criteria CO53:CO54.

The DGET function in Excel is a database function (denoted by beginning with the letter “D”) and is defined as a function that will “extract from a database a single record that matches the conditions you specify”. Note that it will only return a “single record”. This will be more evident as we progress.

Syntax of the DGET Formula. The generic formula for the DGET function is: =DGET(database, field, criteria) The parameters of the DGET function are: database – a table containing data. field – a field which value we want to get. criteria – a table containing conditions for selecting a result. The DGET selection criteria must yield a unique value. Column can be (1) an integer between one and the number of columns in the table, (2) the unique name of the desired column, or (3) a cell address containing the desired column number or name.

DGET. returns the contents of a cell in a column of a database table, in the unique row meeting the criteria. Syntax: DGET(database_table; field; criteria_table) where database_table is a range defining the data to be processed. field is the column containing the cell. DGET function Posted by David Kelly on November 12, 2001 5:53 AM I want to use the Dget function except that my criteria range is in a non adjacent cell range ie instead of criteria being in a1:F2 its in a1:f1 and a3:f3.