Meteor garden music sheets

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Meteor Garden is a must-watch classic.” Rob Roy, Vice President, Content (Asia) at Netflix added, “With Chai’s creativity and unique vision for idol drama, it is delightful to bring the brand new Meteor Garden 2018 to Netflix global members. Netflix members will enjoy the show no matter if they are fans already or new to this series.”

The ending music video for the reboot was launched last week and it gave fans a major dose of nostalgia as Penny Tai (戴佩妮) returns to sing a newer version of “Ni Yao De Ai” (The Love You Want – 你要的愛), the closing theme from the original “Meteor Garden” in 2003. Apr 29, 2009 · What is the piano song, that Meteor Garden 1 used? Everytime when shan cai & dao ming si got sad part, they will used..

Mar 05, 2018 · A video featuring the cast of the 2018 remake of “Meteor Garden” singing the show’s original theme song is making rounds online and it’s filling our heart with sweet, sweet nostalgia. This song titled “Qing Fei De Yi” by Harlem Yu was the weekday evening anthem for most of us.