Viking preaction system

Drain all water from the Preaction System. If the system has operated, or if water has entered the system, allow enough time to completely drain the system. Page 6 The closed pneumatic actuator, and the normally closed solenoid valve prevent prime water from escap- ing the prime chamber of the G-4000P Valve. When prime water enters the prime chamber, the rolling diaphragm is pressurized, causing it to expand downward onto the water seat.

May 08, 2018 · ITM Information about Double Interlock Preaction Fire Sprinkler Systems. Review (mpn: par-3 for sale) PAR-3 Nib Viking model 1 Deluge Preaction Control Panel If it is not in the pictures included. Nib Viking par-3 model b-1 deluge preaction control panel please look at pictures to verify condition.

A key advantage of an ESFR system over a Conventional sprinkler system is the possible elimination of the requirement for in-rack sprinklers in rack storage areas. ESFR systems are also specially designed to suppress the fire by discharging a large volume of water directly to the fire to reduce the heat release rate, while regular systems aim ... The following instructions are a guide for proper installation of Victaulic Series 769 FireLock NXT Preaction Valves. These instructions involve pipe that is properly prepared and grooved in accordance with current Victaulic specifications.

SUREFIRE PREACTION SYSTEM WITH THE MODEL G SERIES VALVE (Figure 19) Viking supervised Surefire Preaction Systems utilize the Model G-2000P, G-3000P, or G-4000P Valve. The system piping is pressurized with air or nitrogen for all Surefire systems as part of the fail safe release and to supervise the integrity of the piping under normal power conditions. An early suppression fast response fire protection system includes a sprinkler piping system with at least one sprinkler head assembly, a water supply system, and a check valve in fluid communication with the sprinkler piping system and the water supply system. System simplicity and reliability - Wet pipe sprinkler systems have the least number of components and therefore, the lowest number of items to malfunction. This produces unexcelled reliability which is important since sprinklers may be asked to sit in waiting for many years before they are needed. Oct 05, 2011 · System Reset Procedure for the Viking Single Interlock Preaction System. More information available at Gas-Based Suppression System; Sprinkler Head; Water Spray Nozzles; Alarm Check Valve Assembly; Deluge Valve; Preaction System. Double Interlock Preaction System; Single Interlock Preaction System; Integrated Preaction System; Pressure Gauge; Valves; Electrical Devices; Flow Control. HDPE Piping System. HDPE Pipe Fittings. Moulded Fittings ...