Wall decorating sheets

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Stainless Steel Wall Covering and Trim Molding are ideal for commercial kitchens and decorative design features. Plain sheets, embossed and patterned options available. SoundRight Acoustical Wall Panels. These handsome SoundRight Acoustic Wall Panels will help soundproof your home theater, reducing ambient echo and ensuring a smooth, clear audio experience. They can be elegantly matched to the home theater decor, being designed in a wide array of styles and colors to choose from.

Elevator Design Studio. The Elevator Design Studio lets you select your elevator interior configuration, apply materials and finishes, complete the package with trim pieces and ceilings, and request budget pricing.

We all know free time and space is becoming a precious commodity, so we want all that commodity focussed 100% on lifestyle and not maintenance. The spacial efficiency and desirability of your backyard can be transformed by clever design elements like partition screen-walls, boundary walls and fences that are beautiful and offer an appealing . MDC- The Trusted Source for design solutions. You’re looking for selection. You need solutions. You want to be inspired. No one understands commercial design and renovation better than MDC. Definition. A wall for holding in place a mass of earth or the like, as at the edge of a terrace or excavation. A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil, when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil.