Jump on the ride line dance step sheet

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29 Step small step forward on Right foot 30 Pivot 1/4 turn to the left, recovering weight on to Left 31&32 Cha cha cha in place Right, Left, Right

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Click on the dance name below to be taken directly to the step sheet! A day without Dance is like a day without sunshine. Absolutely. Sundown STEP DESCRIPTION: CHUGS 1-4 Step with LEFT 4 times making 1/4 turn to right (pivot on ball of Right) 5-8 Step with RIGHT 4 times making 1/4 turn to left (pivot on ball of Left) SPINNING JUMPING JACKS 9&10 Jump: feet apart, feet together, feet apart & Jump w/ 1/2 turn right, land feet together Jan 01, 2017 · King of the Road – 32 count, 2 wall, beginner level line dance choreographed by Tina Foster to ‘King of the Road’ by Roger Miller Step Sheet HEEL TOUCHES (R HEEL TOUCH, LEFT HEEL TOUCH X 2) Here’s a collection of links to the line dance step sheets and videos we’ve taught and some old chestnuts: we will add others for oldies and goodies as we have time. If you are looking for a resource for line dances, I’ve been using Kickit and Copper Knob line dance databases. 50 Ways: Stepsheet • Demo