Us 602s datasheet

US-602SXRVAS ・・・ Horizontal IEC Terminal、Stainless steel 、surface type 24mm US-602SXTSIO ・・・ Vertical soldering Terminal、Stainless steel embedded type depth 4.6mm, 24.5mm ④ List of international safety standards

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The Endurance Series ES-50X is a 50-point addressable fire alarm control panel that offers built-in dual path communications, programmable buttons and support for combined fire and CO addressable detection.

600 Series IdentiFlex 602 Analog Addressable Control Panel Description The IdentiFlex 602 (IF602) is ideally suited for small- to medium-sized installations of commercial, institutional, and industrial life-safety applications. The IF602 offers all the features of today’s most advanced life safety systems. The P-602 -Stiffness Linear Piezo Actuator Flexure guides for linear motion with minimum tip and tilt Travel ranges to 1 mm Forces to 100 N Stiff and backlash-free construction Available with integrated position sensors Outstanding lifetime due to PICMA® piezo actuators Ideal OEM actuator for force generation