Epm7064slc44 10 datasheet


Electronic component: Description: Manuf. Package Pins T°min T°max Datasheet; EPM7064SLC44-10: Programmable logic , 64 macrocells, 4 logic array blocks, 36 I/O pins, 10ns The EPM7064SLC44-7N is an EEPROM Complex Programmable Logic Device with 1250 usable gates and 64 macro cells. MAX 3000A CPLD is a high-density, high-performance and fabricated with advanced CMOS technology, the EEPROM-based MAX 7000 family provides 600 to 5000 usable gates, ISP, pin-to-pin delays as fast as 5ns and counter speeds of up to 175.4MHz.

10. electronics worldwide ... an impressive looking device with far fewer pins, more tolerant to my errors, and with a much shorter datasheet. ... EPM7064SLC44-10 ...

EPM7064SLC44-10N Intel / Altera CPLD - Complex Programmable Logic Devices CPLD - MAX 7000 64 Macro 36 IOs datasheet, inventory & pricing.