Eye level english review sheet

Tracking: Pursuits. Pursuits is the skill that allows our eyes to smoothly follow moving targets. This is an especially important skills in most sports, allowing us to catch, hit, or kick a moving ball. Evaluation: Hold a small target 16-18 inches in front of the child’s eyes. A small sticker on a stick is a good target.

Digital eye strain has also been cited to speed up age-related macular degeneration. If you're using a digital device for more than two hours at a time, you may be feeling the effects of digital eye strain. But don’t worry; there is eye strain relief and its symptoms are both preventable and treatable.

I had signed up for Groupon's offer on 3 x classes at Eye Level. Went to check out the Kembangan branch - small outfit, franchise. The lady in-charge didn't speak very fluent English and for the 3 classes my son went, he was given some worksheets to do within a certain time - training him to work within a timeframe (exam mentality training?).

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