Tennessee waltz surprise line dance step sheet

Description: 32 count, beginner/intermediate partner/circle dance Music: "Tennessee Waltz" (Party Mix) by Ireen Sheer This line dance has been adapted by Edie Ogilvie to a partner dance. The only changes are on section 2 where you travel forward and section 4 steps 1-2

Line dancing Step Sheets and Information, TENNESSEE WALTZ, Terry Mandzuk. Login. Register. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our ... Dec 27, 2013 · There are dozens of DIY waltz videos online to warn you otherwise, from intricate, cross-footing Viennese style to slow, romantic ballroom mode to massed line-dance style where it’s good to keep ...

Tennessee Waltz Surprise Open book Tush push Under the sun Smooth Operator Good time Take A Breather Feeling Kinda Lonely Cruisin’ South Side Shuffle m/formasjon Bosa Nova Stroll Along Cha Cha Feel The Reel. Kursinnhold Våren 2011. God Blessed Texas Tush Push Ghost Train («Zorba») Live, Laugh, Love High Test Love Tennessee Waltz Surprise ... (Face 1:30) Step L forward towards R corner, Step-close R beside L, Step L in place 4-6. Step R back, Make 1/4 turn L with L to face L corner, Step R forward 7-9 (Face 10:30) Step L forward towards L corner, Step-close R beside L, Step L in place 10-12. Step R back, Step L back, Make 1/8 turn R on R to face 12:00 wall PART II. Oct 03, 2012 · Ireen Sheer - Tennessee Waltz (mh).mid Musical Notes Distribution. Given a piece of music, it is interesting to count how many times each of the individual twelve musical notes is played, and understand their relative weight, or importance, in the piece.

Tennessee Waltz Supreme. Tennessee waltz surprise. Teresa Teng. Texas. Texas Samba. The last night. The man in the moon. There's a kind of Hush. The Wonder of you. Tornero. Train to new Orleans. Two Timing Man. Une histoire. Une Histoire Sono. Until the end. Valentine Waltz. Valse à Capri. Voulez vous danser. Waltz of a lifetime. Well-do-ya ... This dance was adapted from the line dance, Tennessee Waltz Surprise Choreographed by Andy Chumbley. WALK FORWARD X2, SHUFFLE, ROCK, RECOVER, COASTER STEP 1-2 Step right forward, step left forward 3&4 Shuffle forward right, left right 5-6 Rock left forward, recover weight to right TENNESSEE WALTZ SURPRISE Choreographed by: Andy Chumbley (June 09) Music: Tennessee Waltz by Ireen Sheer Descriptions: 32 count - 2 wall - Beginner level line dance 16 count intro from the heavy beat Walk Forward, Shuffle, Rock Recover, Coaster Step 1-2 Walk forward right, left Tennessee Waltz Surprise Beschreibung: 32 count / 2 wall / Beginner / Intermediate Line Dance Choreographie: Andy Chumbley Musik: Tennessee Waltz von Ireen Sheer Hinweis: 16 count Intro Walk fwd R + L, Triple Step fwd R, Rock Step, Coaster Step 1, 2 RF Schritt vorwärts, LF Schritt vorwärts TH. Guest Ranch (Thelma House) - Catalan Style. TH. Guest Ranch.pdf. Download