Baikal mp 71 h

Introducing the .22LR Baikal MP-161K I first handled a .22LR Baikal MP-161K last year whilst helping out our dealers, Simon and Karen of KSN Products, at the Lincoln Field Days. I had never seen one of these rifles before, and was quite impressed with the way it looked and felt.

Up for sale is a used Baikal MP-94MP Rifle / Shotgun Combo (.22 LR / .410). This item has 23.5” barrels with shiny bores and wood stocks. The blueing is in good shape with just a f...

This repeating air rifle is so much fun to shoot, you'll definitely have a tough time putting it down. A spring-powered gun, the IZH 61 is easy to cock and can be used by adults and youngsters (with adult supervision). Your gun may be marked IZH-513M or MP-513M and may have any one of these mfr names: IZH, IZH-Baikal or Baikal. They all come from the same plant and are manufactured to the same specs. The guns are identical. A magnum air rifle at an incredible price. The IZH MP 513M is a breakbarrel spring-piston ... Nov 17, 2010 · November 17th, 2010 New Mag-fed Rimfire Carbine from Russia — Coming Soon. Russian arms-maker Baikal has a new mag-fed rimfire repeater chambered in .22 LR, .22 WMR, and .17 HMR.

Baikal shotguns are the hunting guns of choice in Western Africa. Ghana uses more shotgun ammo than South Africa. Baikal make some excellent and very hardy guns. SANSSU has just purchased Baikal 46m air pistols from Suburban Arms in Cape Town.....excellent target pistols and prices most affordable. We have never had issues with Suburban!