Titanium 6al 4v data sheet

Unalloyed titanium typically contains between 99%-99.5% titanium, with the balance being made up of iron and the interstitial impurity elements hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen. The microstructure of unalloyed titanium consists of grains of alpha phase, with the possibility of small amounts of beta phase.

Specialty Metals holds stock of cold rolled Titanium plate. ASTM B265 Titanium Grade 2 Plate Sizes T(6.0 - 12.0) x 1000 x 2000mm Specialty Metals also has access to some of the largest Titanium producers and not only can we offer sheet, we can also offer a wide range of ASTM B265 Titanium plate. TI-6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium: If you find yourself talking about TI-6AL-4V grade 5 titanium… you are talking about the Cadillac of the titanium alloy world. This workhorse alloy is the most commonly used metal in the aerospace, marine, power generation, and offshore industries (just to name a few).

Ti -6Al-4V Liner From a Composite Over- ... the vessels consist of a titanium liner that is over-wrapped with Kevlar fibers. ... as reported in the data pack for COPV ... In the field of aerospace, titanium has been applied for many years. Commercially pure ti-tanium and titanium alloy as represented by Ti-6Al-4V are mainly used for the airframe and the engine parts respectively. The demand expansion of titanium has been expected due to realize low fuel consumption of aircraft. 6-4 Titanium Sheet (UNS R56400), aka Ti-6al-4v, is available at Altemp Alloys in many configurations suitable for aerospace and military applications. Contact us today! Titanium sheet is often used as a heat barrier because titanium stops the heat and does not transfer to the rest of the assembly. Titanium plate and sheet have ballistic properties making it great for driver protection in racing.

DATA SHEET Titanium Ti-6Al-4V For further information, please contact 3T or visit www.3t-am.com Material description Physical properties1 Density (based on 4.41 g/cm3 theoretical density) > 99.9% Titanium Ti6AI4V Also know as Grade 5 Titanium. Print Titanium Parts High Strength to Weight Ratio Bearing the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, Ti-6Al-4V is ideal for lightweight applications and has both high tensile strength and fatigue resistance. AbstractAlthough Ti–6Al–4V alloys show reasonable weldability characteristics, the joint properties are greatly influenced by the welding processes. Microstructures and tensile and impact properties of welded Ti–6Al–4V alloy were evaluated for high vacuum electron beam welding, CO2 laser beam welding and gas tungsten arc welding. Ti 6Al-4V has also been successfully processed superplasticforming, using temperatures 850C(1560F). "Warm"Working: yieldstrength Ti6Al-4V STAconditions drops off rapidly temperature,making readilyformable intermediatetemperatures. example,heating just427C (800F) results 40%reduction yieldstrength.