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The interesting thing is that most people only need to use a very small subset of those commands. Below you’ll find a Linux “cheat sheet” that breaks down some of the most commonly used commands by category. To get your own PDF and printable copy, scroll to the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

This is a small personal cheat sheet for audio/video encoding where I put some of my most used stuff with FFmpeg 0.5 and other tools. I use H.264 and AAC on MP4, M4V or MKV container most of the time.

This cheat sheet provides various tips for using Netcat on both Linux and Unix, specifically tailored to the SANS 504, 517, and 560 courses. All syntax is designed for Hobbit and Weld Pond. The syntax here can be adapted for other Netcats, including ncat, gnu Netcat, and others. $ nc [options] [TargetIPaddr] [port(s)] create .bat files: Dec 14, 2016 · Get the Cheat Sheet. JVM Options Overview. There are three types of options that you can add to your JVM, standard, non-standard and advanced options. If you apply an advanced option you always precede the option with -XX:. Similarly if you’re using a non-standard option, you’ll use -X. Standard options don’t prepend anything to the option.

NOTE: I've been informed that the manpage indicates that "this is an obsolete option and is not used anywhere." So this may no longer work. gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import private.key This adds the private key in the file "private.key" to your private key ring. There's a note (*) at the bottom explaining why you may want to do this. Nortel PBX Cheat Sheet. ... Select the Receive File option and make sure that the protocol is set to X MODEM then select Receive. Create a new file name (Customer ... Sep 21, 2017 · Options can be complicated — that’s why we’ve created this cheat sheet to be a quick go-to reference for your next options trade. It’s designed to answer your biggest options questions at a glance. That’s why we at Credit Spread Cheat Sheet specialize in the tried-and-true Iron Condor trading strategies that utilize the Russell 2000 (RUT) index. The Iron Condor is a non-directional option trading strategy which safeguards our subscribers by limiting their risk, while simultaneously ensuring they have a large probability of earning a ...