Sulcata fact sheet

Insect Fact Sheets; Weed Links; ... Phasgonophora sulcata Westwood. Common Names. chalcid wasp. Compiled by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University: Chalcid Wasp.

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Baby Sulcata Tortoises for adoption Adoption Fee $100.00 3 months + old baby sulcatas, hatched Sept. 9th. Looking for good homes. Cannot be kept in aquariums, they are not aquatic and need air circulation. All are active and eating well. They are best suited for houses with yards and no dogs – dogs will eat them or bite and kill them.

I have one sulcata tortoise in need of a good home. Hoping the new owner read up on their care sheet and does their research before homing this baby! He or she is 6 months old Fee $80 . do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers