Wima mkp10 datasheet

WIMA MKP10 Polypropylene Capacitor I was absolutely shocked when I received my WIMA MKP10 capacitors. They are huge as seen next to same-capacitance AudioCap Theta and Auricap in the picture. This German company supplies a lot of capacitors for many high-end companies, and I have seen many red-colored WIMA capacitors inside components; but I ...

47pF 100VDC Wima, FKP 2 Series, polypropylene (PP) film and foil capacitors. Body color: green, marking: black, epoxy resin seal: yellow.Body size: 2.5 x 6 x 7.2 mm (WxHxL).Packaging: taped and reeled.Datasheet here. Price per eac..

lg 44sz21rd is an lcd rear projection tv, try resolderingthe flash rom ic2 on the vertically mounted board that has the tuner on it, this seems to be a common failing on this set, you will need a very fine point soldering iron and a steady hand [SA]Japan TAMURA TAM Tamura temperature fuse fuse E13F 133 & deg; degree 3A 250V--300pcs/lot. 互感器 Serial no:28273 ,p/n 250D-12×12-LL-SA ... Signal Elektronik Elektronik Component Catalog Published on Jul 4, 2012 Active & Passive Electronic Components, Semiconductors, Film Capacitors, Magnetics, Connectors, Ethernet Modules, ZigBee ... Audio Asylum - Search of All Forums - Enter your search criteria. Click here for tips on using our search

WIMA is a leading manufacturer of WIMA film capacitors, snubber capacitors for the commercial and industrial markets. IBS Electronics is an authorized distributor of Vitrohm Power Resistors. Centenary Materials -- We offer quality service and products: FKP3-10uF/100V-7.5mm WIMA WIMA_ Polypropylene Film capacitors