Arjo slide sheets

sheets tube size 1200mm x 930mm cat ref aa88014 2 select health care (uk) ltd ultra slide sheet - standard - code: loco-001x 14 arjohuntleigh uk glide sheet purple - code: nsa2000 5 arjohuntleigh uk arjo maxi slididng sheet 1 code: nsa0500 1 1 cromptons healthcare ltd flat slide sheets size 200x140cm cat

It's no secret that patients are getting larger andÜEMS workers' backs are paying the price more often. Hospitals have been using reduced-friction devices to make bed-to-bed transfers easier on ... Slings and Lift Sheets Seated slings, repositioning sheets, ambulation aids, and more. Manual Transfer Aids Friction reducing devices, transfer boards, and more. Horizontal Lifts Lift stretchers for supine transfers.

Slide Sheet (2) Reprocessed Item. Yes (1) Reusable or Disposable. Disposable (2) Type of Strap. Cotton Strap (1) Foam Padded Strap (1) Nylon Strap (1) Polyester Strap (1) • Tuck sheet under client. 4. Roll client onto back and retrieve slide sheet. • Roll client back onto slide sheet. • Second worker to slide hand in palm up and catch the rolled end of folded slide sheet at thigh or neck. • Second worker pulls the slide sheet through, unrolling the sheet. 5. Spread out slide sheet and position client's legs.

Compact Slide Sheet From Low friction fabric rollers. To access any further information you need to be a subscriber. If you would like to subscribe, ... Manuals and free instruction guides. Find the user manual. Maxi Slide™ is a sliding system that delivers all the advantages of low friction transfers, without the disadvantages of the traditional tube design. The flat sheet design with ergonomic handles provides optimum support for a wide variety of manoeuvres, such as repositioning residents in bed. Patient Specific Slide Sheet, designed to help with patient transfer safely and easily, reduces skin friction for the patient and strain on the carer. Keenest prices with delivery nationwide. Air-Assisted lateral transfer device: Hovermatt Full body sling lift or reposition sheet: Ceiling lift (in available areas) or Floor lift: Tempo or Opera (Arjo), Viking (Liko) Comments: • This is not a one-person task - DO NOT PULL FROM HEAD OF BED.