Buck boost ic datasheet 336

Does anyone knows which companies produces buck boost converter IC with DIP packages? I've searched for certain companies such as Microchip, Texas Instruments and Linear Tech but they do not provide such IC with DIP packages.

The A4412 is a power management IC that uses a buck or buck/ boost pre-regulator to efficiently convert automotive battery voltages into a tightly regulated intermediate voltage complete

The MCP19117 is functionally equivalent to our MCP19116, however the MCP19117 offers more GPIO and a debugging interface. The MCP19116 and MCP19117 development tools, including both hardware and software tools, provide a convenient and powerful development platform upon which to develop and evaluate your Boost and Buck/Boost power supply design. 7815 voltage regulator are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for 7815 voltage regulator. The LT3003 operates in boost, buck and buck-boost mode. A True Color PWM Dimming ratio of up to 3000:1 is achiev-able using a logic-level signal at the PWM pin for all modes without the need for external level-shifting circuitry. For applications with input supply above and below the output voltage of the LED strings, the LT3003 allows the LEDs to The A4450 can implement either a buck or buck/boost regulator to efficiently convert automotive battery voltages into a tightly regulated voltage, with seamless transition between the buck and boost modes. Target applications include infotainment, instrument clusters, telematics, amplifiers and control modules.

S6AP412A contains 2ch buck DC/DC converter and 1ch buck-boost DC/DC converter. One of the buck DC/DC converter is available for Multi-phase method. Multi-phase DC/DC converter is possible to load high current until 4A. S6AP412A can supply the main power line in several systems by using only its chip.