Arch sheet rock

Nov 30, 2010 · Learn to drywall an archway like the professionals in a few easy steps. Having the correct tools and knowledge is very key to successfully complete any drywall project.

Jan 19, 2008 · Q: I’d like to add an arched entryway between the living room and kitchen. Can you tell me how to bend drywall for the arch? A: Gypsum board, also known as drywall, can be used to form almost any cylindrically curved surface. According to the Gypsum Association, standard 1/2-inch drywall can be ...

Arch tape-on arches have notched flanges that flex and conform to any arch, and a stiff profile that fine-tunes poor framing and creates a perfectly smooth, round curve. FLEXIBLE ARCHWAY The only self-forming ridgeless design available, provides perfect, smooth arches every time! NO-COAT ARCH 3/4" BULLNOSE Description ARCH’S unique tape-on

Product Description. STRAIT FLEX AF-50 3 3/8" X 50' ARCH-FLEX TAPE. The first arch product that comes on a roll. Ideal for barrel curves, L Groin curved ceiling applications, free-form curves and arched windows and doors. 1. Measure the wall and cut a sheet of drywall to fit the space as if the wall were solid and the arched window weren't there. Don’t fasten it yet.