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2N3904, MMBT3904, PZT3904 Datasheet ON Semiconductor Download PDF Datasheet. Datasheet. T o learn more about ON Semiconductor, please visit our website at . www ... Em203 datasheet 2n3904; Bellosguardo sheeting shorts; Eb horn sheet music; 9803 datasheet; Create sprite sheet from png sequences; Sheet music for sally s song amy lee; Lord of the rings sheet music the bridge of khazad dum song; Soken rk2 13 datasheet 7404; Si2158 datasheet; Game of thrones main theme violin sheet music lord; J231 datasheet 2n3904

2N3904 Transistor and Specifications. 2N3904 Datasheet. 2N3904 Circuits. The 2N3904 is common general-purpose low-power NPN transistor used amplifying or switching applications. It is typically used for low-current, medium voltage, and moderate speed purposes. PZT3904 Datasheet, PZT3904 PDF, PZT3904 Data sheet, PZT3904 manual, PZT3904 pdf, PZT3904, datenblatt, Electronics PZT3904, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets ... Data Sheet (current) [683 KB ] ST MICRO [69 KB ] ... TRANSISTOR, 2N3904, NPN GENERAL PURPOSE, SMALL SIGNAL, 40V, TO-92 For more about Transistors, click here.

– Information on datasheets The Transistor (NPN) • A current amplifier … – Makes small currents BIGGER • The 2N3904 Transistor β = 30-400 C= Collector B = Base E = Emitter Important 2N3904 Specifications from the datasheet Note high maximum ratings BUT 200mA maximum current 2N3904 Datasheet • Posted on the ME456 website Since the 2N3904 is an NPN transistor, that means the base needs positive biasing (appropriate voltage levels and resistance) to turn on the collector emitter junction for proper current flow. Use of a load resistor (R1 above) is also important so there is not too much current being driven through the LED and transistor.