Daily 5 reading response sheets for first grade

Naming Part/Telling Part: I created these activity sheets for my 2nd grade inclusion students. The reading level has been lowered to first grade. Hopefully I can get a picture online one day so you can see what they look like before having to open/save the document. page 1. page 2. page 3. page 4

7 TEI Typed Response: 24.8, 24.80, OR 24.800 002 Computation and Estimation Grade 5 Mathematics Released Test Spring 2014 Answer Key 8MC A 002 Computation and Estimation 9MC B 002 Computation and Estimation Grade 5 Mathematics Page 1

On this page you will find various graphic organizers and printables you can use along with your reading selection. These are available for you to use in order to organize your thoughts and help you with reading comprehension. Browse Scholastic printable worksheets for reading response to all genres of texts across subject areas. We offer writing prompts, essential questions, discussion prompts, practice tests, worksheets, and games.

Simple Read to self response sheet for Kindergarteners. They need to rate their book that they read out of 5 smiley faces. 1 for they didn't like it and 5 for they loved it! They can then add a drawing of their favorite part of the story. At Remedia, we know that “one size does not fit all.” Our mission is to provide materials to teachers, speech pathologists, curriculum specialists, and even parents who educate students with special needs and learning differences, as well as students struggling in regular education and intervention settings. The Daily 5 is more than a management system or a curriculum framework – it is a structure that will help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy. Learn more about The Daily 5. We will open a new window with a printable worksheet and answer key. They will print on separate pages. Note: due to variations between computers/browsers/printers, some experimentation may be required to find the appropriate number of problems to fit on a page.