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SLU Webmail is a web-based email service at St. Lawrence University, allowing access to your SLU email accounts. It provides basic email service through a simple web interface, allowing you to read mail easily from anywhere without having to reconfigure a browser or mail client software,

Re:Help for an example CppWebBrowser->Navigate(????) Thank you Remy I was looking for this for ages, as for some strange reason my THTML component (CPPB Pro 3) doesn't want to work.

To add the WebBrowser control to your toolbox, open the Tools menu and select Add/Remove Toolbox Items. Select the COM Components tab, wait a long time for the tab to load, check the box next to Microsoft Web Browser, and click OK. Now use the Toolbox to place a WebBrowser control on the form. Mar 21, 2012 · Rendering an image from an embedded Web Browser (C# WPF application) ... WebBrowser.Navigate(url); 50 ... In your case where you run internal html through the browser ... I believe this is because the headers in the dbf are above the 0 row, while in the xls they become the 0 row. I changed the range to start at 0 and did "sheet1.row(row + 1) which makes it write to row 1 but still starts reading the dbf from row 0. Hope this helps others! – amasephy Oct 6 '12 at 11:40 You should see Sheet1 and Sheet2 in the list of available tables, select those (and unselect any others that appear). Navigate through the next few steps, just use the defaults there. When you reach the Mapping Step, set things up for Sheet1 and Sheet2. Navigate to the end of the Wizard. This walkthrough will help you create a simple web browsing application with the Navigation toolbar, a ComboBox tool, and an in-box WebBrowser control. Upon completing this walkthrough, you will understand the basics of the Navigation toolbar, how it maintains a navigation history, and how to navigate through its history. Follow these Steps - A user can check the details of an article. On the detailed screen there is a count of all the amount of likes for this article, the like/unlike functionality and a button to navigate to a screen where you can see all users who have like the article. - The like/unlike functionality checks if you as a user already liked the article.