Irfd120 datasheet 2n3904

2N3904 Package Type : TO-92 Plastic-encapsulate Bipolar Transistor, PC : 600mW, Vceo : 40V, ic : Features. Through Hole Package Capable 600mWatts of Power Dissipation.

Power MOSFET IRFD120, SiHFD120 Vishay Siliconix FEATURES • Dynamic dV/dt Rating • Repetitive Avalanche Rated • For Automatic Insertion •End Satckabel • 175 °C Operating Temperature •Fas St wcthniig • Ease of Paralleling • Compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC DESCRIPTION Third generation Power MOSFETs from Vishay provide the NPN General Purpose Transistor UMT3904 / SST3904 / MMST3904 / 2N3904!Features 1) BVCEO > 40V (IC = 1mA) 2) Complements the UMT3906 / SST3906 / MMST3906 / 2N3906.!Package, marking and packaging specifications Part No. Packaging type Marking Code Basic ordering unit (pieces) UMT3904 UMT3 R1A T106 3000 SST3904 SST3 T116 3000 MMST3904 SMT3 T146 ...

2n3904 small signal npn transistor preliminary data silicon epitaxial planar npn transistor to-92 package suitable for through-hole pcb assembly the pnp complementary type is 2n3906 applications well suitable for tv and home appliance equipment small load switch transistor with Data sheet status Objective specification This data sheet contains target or goal specifications for product development. Preliminary specification This data sheet contains preliminary data; supplementary data may be published later. Product specification This data sheet contains final product specifications. Limiting values 2N3904, 2N3904 Datasheet, 2N3904 NPN General Purpose Transistor Datasheet, buy 2N3904 Transistor The 2N3904 is a common NPN bipolar junction transistor used for general-purpose low-power amplifying or switching applications. It is designed for low current and power, medium voltage, and can operate at moderately high speeds. Micro Commercial Components 2N3904 datasheet. If it's not shown correctly, Click here to open the file on a separate window. Find where to buy Submit 1999 - transistor D195. Abstract: 3-pin D195 transistor 2n3906 equivalent transistor S1201 S1202 S3019 d195 transistor Text: applications 1 LVPECL Oscillator, 19.44 MHz or 77.76 MHz 1 1 MMBT3904LT1 Q3, NPN Transistor , 2N3904 1 MMBT3904LT1 Q2, NPN Transistor , 2N3904 1 MMBT3906LT1 Q1, PNP Transistor , proper 3.3 V PECL S.E. level.

IRF530 MOSFET are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for IRF530 MOSFET. ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation IRF510 Rev. B IRF510 5.6A, 100V, 0.540 Ohm, N-Channel Power MOSFET This N-Channel enhancement mode silicon gate power field effect transistor is an advanced power MOSFET designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specified level of energy in the breakdown avalanche mode of operation. All of Rev. C/CZ MMBT3904 SMD General Purpose Transistor (NPN) Page 3 of 9 Fig.1- Delay and Rise Time Fig.2- Storage and Fall Time