Race track setup sheets for dirt

Jun 19, 2013 · Jet fuel raced through Baker’s veins at an early age. At fourteen, Baker ventured into the race pits as a crew member for the late model dirt track racer, Allan Rettig. Baker’s interest in engineering and technology persisted. After college, he found himself in a government lab conducting jet propulsion tests.

The school’s subject matter is comprehensive, well-organized and is presented in a student-friendly manner. Students follow the Racewise Chassis School Manual, over 145 pages of illustrations, guides, diagrams and chassis tuning tips that many consider “The Bible” of dirt track racing.

- Setup Sheet Data Base - This page contains two sections: a Vehicle Setups and a ESC Setups. How to fill an editable setup sheet - Vehicle Setups - # - 3-Racing A - Academy - Agama - Alex Racing - Alien Racing - Anderson - ARC - Associated - Atlas - Atomic - Atomic Carbon - Awesomatix Jan 29, 2018 · Talking about my Traxxas Slash 2wd race setup Proline Prospec Shocks Proline Performance Transmission Savox 1258TG. ... PJ Masks and Ryan Track down Night Ninja at Mystery Mountain!!!! The shock bearings that do not have a nylon race should have penetrating oil applied and then worked by hand for regular maintenance. Wipe the excess oil from the bearing when you are finished so that it does not collect dirt. Binding Check the entire suspension without springs and shocks for binding or tight rod ends or bushings. Mar 15, 2013 · Download Dirt Track Suspension Setup Tracker for free. Dirt Track Stock Car Suspension Setup Tracker. This project is designed to help dirt track teams track their suspension changes over seasons, to help tune suspension setup for different track conditions. Written in C# and completely open source.

2) Setup Matrix - use this chart to identify and solve for different race conditions 5 3) Gear Ratios - this chart provides a calculation of the 'final drive' number, which will help you find your desired rear end and 4th gear settings This guide of dirt car suspension setup is designed to help improve handling and performance using the technology of professional dirt racing teams - Circle Track Magazine Panard bar should be 7 1/2 from bottom of frame rail to center line of bracket and third hole down on pinon. Center to center is 18 3/4". 18 3/4" on dry slick track. NOTE: Lower panard bar on pinion for more side bite: COMMON SET-UP PROBLEMS: Car tight: Soften front and stiffen rear