Segments in a circle practice sheets

Circle Segments Worksheet Find the length of the segment indicated. Round your answer to the nearest tenth if necessary. 1) 10.2 8.6 x 13.3 2) 10.6 x 23.6 6.6 Determine if line AB is tangent to the circle. 3) 10.5 4.5 10 B A Tangent 4) 7.9 14 5.6 B A Not tangent Solve for x. Assume that lines which appear to be tangent are tangent. 5) x + 16 3x ...

A segment whose endpoints are the center and any point on a circle is a radius. A chord is a segment whose endpoints are on a circle. A diameter is a chord that contains the center of the circle. A secant is a line that intersects a circle in two points. A tangent is a line in the plane of a circle that intersects the circle in exactly 10.7 ­ Areas of Circles ­ Sectors and Segments 7 April 23, 2010 Apr 21­7:45 AM Segment of a circle. New Vocabulary: SEGMENT A part of a circle bounded by an arc and the segment joining its endpoints is a segment of a circle.

Mr. Bruce Feist. December, 2004. Revised 5/1/2012 11:42 PM. This guide demonstrates how to do various geometric constructions. Often a construction refers back to directions on how to do an earlier one. HAHS_Kagan_GT Geometry. Search this site. ... Worksheets. Selection File type icon File name ... 10-7 Special Segments in Circles.pdf Improve your math knowledge with free questions in "Area of sectors" and thousands of other math skills. 10-7 Practice Special Segments in a Circle DATE Find x to the nearest tenth. Assume that segments that appear to be tangent are tangent. 2)-0 15 ID(21) 25 20 3D - 5i 25-4 15 20 (Q 14 (32) 3 o q 00) 10. CO TRU CT ION An arch over an apartment entrance is 3 feet high and 9 feet wide. Find the radius of the circle Glencoe Geometry

SOLUTION: In the picture above, we see that a radius of the circle (and thus the diameter) is parallel to the chord containing the value 15 as one of its segments. Then, by our second theorem above, the diameter bisects the sword, so that the values of the segments on each side of the diameter are equal. That is, the value of both segments of ... This generator makes worksheets for calculating the radius, diameter, circumference, or area of a circle, when one of those is given (either radius, diameter, circumference, or area is given). They can be made in PDF or html formats.