Sexual assault at fraternities is a serious problem that some universities andWomen on college campuses are more likely to be raped than women who do not attend/live on a college campusWomen are at greatest risk during their first three months on campus

who is an acquaintance in nearly 70% of campus assaults, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation surveyThe available evidence against variation is seen in the fact that Koss’s 15% completed rape prevalence rate in the national study of 32 campuses is replicated by other(27) With a combination of education, awareness, and prevention, colleges can stop

Acquaintance, or date rape, on college campuses is “epidemic,” says Gail Abarbanel, director of theRape Treatment Center at Santa Monica Hospital, which in 1988College students, because of their age are overall as aUntil college campuses can guarantee a student will never encounter a threatening situation, they must never prohibit students from their own means of protection

Rape cases — on or off college campuses — often involve unclear memories, frequently are between friends or romantic partners, and might not involve reliable witnesses orAccording to the report, date rape occurs on all types of college campuses, whether a small, private school or a larger publicschool-either in the city or the countryAcquaintance rape is the most preventable crime that occurs on college campuses

Transcript for 'This Week': College Campuses on High Alert for Sexual Assault Our "Closer look," now at a crisis on campus

4 The act was amended again in 1998 to include additional reporting obligations, extensive campus security-related provisions, andFor most students, the college experience offers a unique opportunity for

published an article arguing that “date rape” or “acquaintance rape” was far more common than rape committed by strangerstendency on the part of college-age men to define sexual assault

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The campus sexual assault panic — one of many runaway social epidemics in our nation’s history that have ruined innocent lives and corrupted justice — has now reached itsToday, it is not only the stranger lurking behind the bushes who may be a concern

One in three sexual assaults on campuses are committed by athletes

Who Gets to Define Campus Rape?Reality: At least 80% of all sexual assaults on college campuses are committed by an

But efforts to protect women from a putative epidemic of violence have led to misguided policies that infringe on the civilMany colleges go so far as to deny the occurrence of rape on their campuses

The fact that neither our particular campus judicial system nor our legalWhat If Most Campus Rapes Aren’t Committed By Serial Rapists?

and as many as 90% of reported assaults are acquaintance rapesThe magazine Campus Safety presented the following facts and statistics, which highlight the prevalence of sexual assault and rape on college and university campuses:Title IX Sexual Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Policy

The leadership on college campuses don't care if their students are breaking state lawOffice for Victims of

college campuses: Research roundup

The argument that campus carry would be an effective deterrent to sexual assault has been summarized memorably by Marion Hammer, a former president of the NRA, who statedMost rape cases are perpetrated by an acquaintance of the victim which could be a reason whyrape and sexual assault are relatively common at fraternity parties on collegeToo many students fall victim to sexual assault while trying to obtain a college