Orangutan hammock sheets

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Our Top Gun Hammock is a one-sided acrylic-coated fabric that provides high water resistance, excellent durability and superior tear and abrasion resistance. Woven from 100% polyester, this 600 denier fabric has no pigmentation on the underside, making color rub-off nearly impossible.

The hanging vines and sturdy trees in Orangutan Foundation International’s (OFI) Learning Forest in Central Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) have borne witness to many young orangutans over the years. Over the past three months, volunteers on the Samboja Lestari Orangutan Volunteer Project have worked incredibly hard on a number of huge construction projects! Including a wall around orangutan island 2, new hammocks for the big guys and an area for any adult orangutans in need of veterinary treatment. View Blog Post

The shape of the hammock helps to give the sense of warmth and security they would have felt if they were still snuggled up to their mother. Although this can’t ever be replicated it is surely the next best thing! Once purchased we will email you with a certificate about your Gift for the Orangutans. hammock for primates and lemurs. Our Pledge. Otto Environmental is dedicated to bringing you the widest online selection of products for animal care professionals, with equipment to make your job easier and toys and treats to enrich the lives of the animals you work with everyday. Orangutan: In the wild orangutan have to travel across vast areas in search of food and have extremely good spatial memory for where to find various food items. Their ability to find food not only relies on this spatial memory but also their ability to plan into the future and estimate when various trees will be That was amazing, and when she moves it along the rails so its lower and longer. Later she even checked that it would form a good shape before tying the knot. Lanie's Camper & Gear G0740 $295. This camper comes with a faux shower, refrigerator, and stove, plus the following camping gear and play food: Sleeping Bag, Bench Cusion, Teapot, Camp cup and plate, Saucepan, Potholder, Recycling bin, Bread, 2 Food jars, Sauce jar, Pasta box, 2 Juice cans, 2 Drink cartons, 9 Sticker sheets.