Food guide pyramid activity sheet

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This Food Guide Pyramid Handouts & Reference is suitable for 6th - 8th Grade. In this health worksheet, students read and compare the different food groups and analyze the number of servings recommended for each.

All the food groups appear in the same proportions as in the pyramid; it's just a fresh, humorous way of looking at it. To build your own three-dimensional Food Funnel, use a large sheet of clear acetate, usually found in the poster-board sections of office-supply stores, and cut and roll it into a "funnel" shape. Postal-tape works well on the ... Fun with the Food Guide Pyramid This worksheet is meant as a supplement to a Food Guide Pyramid lesson and expects you to have already taught the six basic food groups. The worksheet has a number of common pyramid foods at the top and bottom for kids to choose from and draw in the appropriate sections of the pyramid.