Dataman 500 datasheets

12 DataMan 50 Quick Reference Guide DataMan 50 Quick Reference Guide 13 DataMan 50 can operate in one of three distance ranges. To set the focus position: Remove the screws, washers, lens cover, and rubber part. Set focus by positioning a coin into the lens cap slit and turning the coin. Do not use a coin thicker than 2 mm.

DataMan 7500/7550 Each bar shows the reading range for the code size specified. Each grid square = 10mm (0.4in) FOV for reading 2-in. wide bar code Specifications 12 DataMan 200 Quick Reference Guide DataMan 200 Quick Reference Guide 13 Install DataMan 200 Software Troubleshooting an Ethernet Connection 1. Check the DataMan Release Notes for a full list of system requirements. 2. Insert CD-ROM and follow the on-screen prompts. 3. DataMan 100 series ID readers offer impressive ease of use through the integration of lighting, camera, aimer, and communications.And, a wide array of accessories facilitates DataMan integration into systems. Quick Setup The DataMan 100 aimer, train and trigger button, beeper, and LED read indicator enable “out of the box” operation, without

See the Cognex DataMan 50L go head-to-head with two leading single-line laser scanners in 1-D barcode reading. The laser scanners have been disguised but results are actual. With Cognex ID - every code is an easy read and DataMan is an easy choice for every application. DataMan 100/200 QL Versatile Fixed-Mount ID Readers DataMan fixed-mount image-based ID readers provide the ultimate combination of high performance and versatility in an incredibly small package. DataMan readers represent a breakthrough in combining unmatched code performance (up to 45 reads per second), ease of use, and an extremely small size. Cognex DataMan 7500 Series Handheld ID Readers. DataMan 7500 Series handheld readers set the industry standard for reading and verifying Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes for part traceability. DPM Identification for part traceability demands rugged, self-contained readers and verifiers that perform consistently on all types of marks and parts. If you have a chip which is unsupported and would like to check whether support can be added, please submit a Chip Support Request.