Managed funds and tax

Eaton Vance sponsors a broad lineup of mutual funds, closed-end funds and separately managed accounts that serve the unique needs of individual and institutional investors.

The Tax-Efficient Equity Fund, which T. Rowe Price introduced in 2000, seeks to maximize long-term capital growth on an after-tax basis. The fund typically invests in stocks of large-cap and mid-cap companies and also may invest a significant portion of its assets in technology companies. Tax-Managed Growth Fund 1.2 or its predecessors have been pursuing long-term, after-tax returns since 1966. Fund managers believe the principles of tax-efficient investing are principles of sound investing.

Featured Podcasts. Hear ideas from experts, thought leaders and some of the most innovative minds in financial advice. Start listening now. The Fund's ability to utilize various tax-managed techniques may be curtailed or eliminated in the future by tax legislation or regulation. The Fund’s exposure to derivatives involves risks different from, or possibly greater than, the risks associated with investing directly in securities and other investments. Sep 25, 2008 · FUND WATCH No Tax Bill if You Hold This Fund. ... In fact, there are tax-efficient funds aimed at taxable investors, and some, such as Fidelity Tax Managed Stock, have posted fine results.

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