Nickel clad aluminum sheet

Alclad is a heat-treated aluminum, copper, manganese, magnesium alloy that has the corrosion resistance of pure metal at the surface and the strength of the strong alloy underneath. Of particular importance is the thorough character of the union between the alloy and the pure aluminum.

Copper Nickel Foil. Global Metals provides a full range of precision copper-nickel (cupro-nickel) foil for almost any application. Our cupro-nickel foil is produced in a wide variety of copper-nickel alloys, including clad composites. It can be produced in standard dimensions or custom made to your requirements. Materials include stainless clad aluminum, nickel clad steel, stainless clad steel, A276 clad steel and Inconel® clad steel. Plates are available in lengths up to 480 in. and widths up to 120 in. Plate thickness ranges from 3/16 in. to 1 in. and sheet thickness ranges from 0.070 in. to 0.125 in. Clad metals are corrosion resistant.

KLS is specialized in produce Stainless Steel,Aluminum, and Titanium Sheet,Our Hastelloy, Stainless E2, Aluminum Steel Sheet And Pick, Nickel base Alloy Clad Plate are very popular, if you are interested in our 201 Stainless Steel Plates, please contact us as soon as possible. Explosive welding of al-cu clad plate materials The process installation and process parameters of al-cu clad plate explosion welding are similar to those of other composite plates, but the thickness and area of the copper plate are not too large, and the strength of copper and aluminum is lower and the shape is higher, so the amount of explosive used is smaller. . The plating is pure aluminum that has an excellent anti-corrosion properties. Aluminum alloy will corrode without some kind of surface treatment. This is why in aircraft the use of clad aluminum sheets is common. The clad is a ~0.1 mm layer of pure aluminum on the sheet that protects the alloyed sheet. Typical categories include inlay clad, overlay clad, solder clad, contact tape clad or any other combinations thereof. Inlay clad metals are made by integrating precious materials such as gold, platinum, silver and palladium with cheaper materials such as copper, brass and stainless steel. The precious metals are placed at exact places where ...

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