Cupric chloride crystals msds sheet

Brand: Innovating Science 500g bottle of copper (II) chloride Chemical for general purpose lab and educational use Used as a catalyst Perfect for use in any chemistry lab or classroom Instructions for safe storage printed on the bottle – MSDS available upon request Innovating Science’s copper (II) chloride comes in a 500g bottle.

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• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Substances • Polar Substances — copper(II) sulphate crystals, CuSO 4 — water, H 2O — vinegar • Non-polar Substances — solid iodine crystals — vegetable oil — kerosene Procedure 1. Using the following chart as a guide, mix all possible combinations of the substances above.

We carry lab equipment and laboratory supplies for science laboratories. We also have laboratory chemicals and chemistry lab supplies. Copper(II) chloride may be used in the preparation of copper(II)-chitosan complexes with potential applications in biomedical devices as antibiotic-free antibacterial biomaterials due to their cytocompatibility and antibacterial property. Effective catalyst for the tetrahydropyranylation of alcohols, using mild conditions and in high yields.