Dupont 480s tech sheet ppg

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET 4531S 27.08.2014 UNIVERSAL FLATTENING BASE 1/3 AUS 4531S-0 This Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous issues DESCRIPTION Universal Flattening Base to be used in all 1K solid colours and 1K clearcoats. Technical Data Sheet Effective October 5, 2011 Cromax® Pro Basecoat WATERBORNE BASECOAT Ref EN CRPRBC-7 3/5 This Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous issue. RECOMMENDED USE Surface preparation 1. Clean surface with water and soap. Rinse and dry. 2. Degrease with a correct DuPont Refinish preparatory cleaner. Wipe dry with a clean cloth. 3.

Product Informa on Effec ve 07/16 Concept Low VOC Speed ClearLow VOC Speed Clear PPP-P---216216216 DCU2042 Surface Surface Prepara on:Prepara on: Refer to the Product Informa on Bulle n of the color system for its applica on, dry mes, and Jan 30, 2014 · Just wanted to give some put on my adopted ways of getting this great clearcoat to flow out nice with minimal runs. Hope it helps some of you get the hang of this stuff quicker than I did.

At DuPont, we’re driven by continuous dialogue, collaborative thinking and the passion for creating great things with our customers. How can we help you manage challenges in lightweighting, durability, comfort, safety or efficiency? Known to be the best-selling refinish system in North America, the Deltron ® refinish system offers a track record of color excellence and process efficiency. The system provides a full range of easy-to-use products and solutions that covers every conceivable need from start to finish. PPG Industries knows automotive color. For more than 80 years, PPG has been on the forefront of automotive coatings innovation. PPG combines its extensive knowledge of coatings and special effects technologies with analysis of industry trends to aid automakers around the world in enhancing the image and identity of their vehicle brands. This table is only a guide. For specific recommendations, contact your PPG representative for your particular corrosion protection needs. Amercoat 450H is not recommended for immersion service. Surface Preparation Coating performance, in general, is proportional to the degree of surface preparation. Refer to application instructions for