I2c 16 bit word address datasheet

The device consists of a 16-bit quasi-bidirectional port and an I2C-bus interface. The PCA8575 has a low current consumption and includes latched outputs with high current drive capability for directly driving LEDs. The PCA8575 also possesses an interrupt line (INT) which can be connected to the interrupt logic of the microcontroller.

I am making a program in which I am interfacing INA226 with atmega8 using I2C. I need to write its register with value 4127h.Following is the code I have done. when I am reading the register, I am getting 41 FF. With 16-Bit resolution, the AD5696 is capable of finely tuning the voltage output across 65,536 steps, with an individual step voltage of 0.0000763 volts DC. The AD5696 is equipped with 4 individual output channels and two address input lines, allowing 4 devices to share a single I2C port for a total of 16 channels of 16-bit DAC.

In one-shot mode, the DS1631 sensor starts converting temperature into 12-bit digital word after receiving a command byte, 51h, from the Master. This is known as the Start Convert T command. After the conversion, the digital temperature is stored as a 16-bit two’s complement number in to its two-byte temperature register: TH and TL (see below). The 16-bit I/O port functionally consists of two 8-bit ports (PORTA and PORTB). The MCP23X17 can be configured to operate in the 8-bit or 16-bit modes via IOCON.BANK. There are two interrupt pins, INTA and INTB, that can be associated with their respective ports, or can be logically OR’ed together so that both pins will activate if This is a 16 bit register, so according to the manufacturer I have to write 0x1234 across address 0x0C and 0X0D in one go. Otherwise the values are discarded. All the datasheet and online forums talk about 8-bit I2C addressing (which I have working), but instruction on addressing 16 bit register is limited.

Philips SemiconductorsProduct data sheetPCA955516-bit I2C and SMBus I/O port with interrupt2004 Sep 303PIN CONFIGURATION — DIP, SO, SSOP, TSSOPsu0143812 datasheet search, datasheets, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors, integrated circuits, diodes and other semiconductors. In order to prevent address clashes, due to the limited range of the 7 bit addresses, a new 10 bit address scheme has been introduced. This enhancement can be mixed with 7 bit addressing and increases the available address range about ten times.After the start condition, a leading ‘11110’ introduces the 10 bit addressing scheme.The last two address bits of the first byte concatenated with ...