Heat exchanger data sheet example

An Alfa Laval M Series plate heat exchanger is an efficient solution for general heating and cooling duties in hygienic applications. In addition, the series is a perfect alternative for heating and cooling service media, including portable water, glycol, and chilled water tempering.

Download APV pumps, valves, heat exchangers, homogenizers, mixers, blenders, CIP, pasteurizers, reverse osmosis, separation and microparticulation data sheets. coil heat exchangers) with the same performance data is a particularly good reason for using plate heat exchangers. The heat exchanger is made from stainless steel or titanium and is designed for the passage of hot and cool fluids (e.g. water, heat transfer oil, steam). When heating, the exchanger transfers energy via

Heat exchanger design includes various aspects, including determination of heat transfer area, choice of heat exchanger type, and detailing of the heat exchanger configuration. Preliminary design of heat exchangers is an iterative process for determining the heat exchanger surface area needed for known heat load and fluids. Heat exchangers are used extensively in HVAC applications to transfer energy from one fluid to another. A simple example of such a device is a cross flow hot water heat exchanger in an air duct. The device is simply a copper tubing network for hot water flow with aluminum fins attached that increase the heat transfer effectiveness of the device. www.thermpro.com

SHELL AND TUBE EXCHANGER THERMAL DATA SHEET. Item Number Case TEMA Type Orientation Shells per Unit Shells in Series Surface per Shell Shells in Parallel. PERFORMANCE OF ONE UNIT. In. SHELLSIDE. Out In. TUBESIDE. Out Fluid Name Total Flowrate Vapour Liquid Fluid Condensed Fluid Evaporated. LIQUID PROPERTIES. Density Viscosity Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat Surface Tension For more details about preliminary heat exchanger design, the parameters involved, and example heat exchanger calculations, see the articles: "Preliminary Heat Exchanger Design Example" and "Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Theory and Design." Excel Template – Page 1: Calculation of Heat Transfer Area