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On November 23, 1910, American-born homeopathic physician and salesman Hawley Harvey Crippen (usually known simply as Dr. Crippen in crime annals) was hanged at Pentonville Prison in London for the murder of his wife, Cora. He has the dubious distinction of being the first criminal to be captured with the aid of wireless communication.

10 Famous Indian Authors You Must Read India has been celebrated for its art, literature and writing since ancient times. There are over twenty languages spoken in India and literature that includes over twenty of these languages.

Louis Slotin Louis Slotin was a Canadian physicist and chemist who took part in the Manhattan Project that created the first atomic bombs. He participated in criticality testing of plutonium cores, often referred to as “tickling the dragon’s tail”. Canadian Association of Physicists; Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences; Canadian Geophysical Union; Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society; Canadian Society of Soil Science; Canadian Society of Zoologists; Caribbean Academy of Sciences views; Center for International Forestry Research; Chinese Academy of Sciences

Historically Famous People with Blindness or Visual Impairments. Blindness is the condition of lacking visual perception due to physiological and/or neurological factors. Complete blindness is the total lack of form and light perception and is clinically recorded as “No Light Perception” or “NPL”. Jul 15, 2013 · 10 Most Famous Pop Art Paintings And Collages. Pop Art appreciates popular culture as opposed to elitist culture. It is characterized by bright colours and use of recognizable imagery from popular culture like advertisements, celebrities, and comic book characters. George Washington Carver was an African American scientist and educator. Carver is famous for many inventions including a number of uses for the peanut. Some of the famous people of Manitoban include the following: Susan Aglukark: She is an Inuk musician whose blend of Inuit folk music traditions with country and pop songwriting has made her a major recording star in Manitoba, Canada.