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Page 5 Version 1.0 Submitting Timesheets Using PPL’s BetterOnline™ Portal Part A: Registering to use PPL [s etterOnline™ Portal STEP 1 Go to the following web address and click Sign Up.

E-Timesheet Hints and Tips In the Individual ProviderOne (IPOne) payment system, timesheets can be submitted electronically (e-timesheets) by using a computer, laptop, or tablet. IPOne shows when your e-timesheet is successfully submitted, or if corrections are needed. Save your timesheet as you go, so you can make any Personal Options Web Portal Instructional Manual for Employees How to Create and Submit a Timesheet How to Create and Submit a Timesheet Page 7 4. Select the option for “Create Timesheet” by clicking on the words. You will see

Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) will no longer mail pay stubs. VA CCC Plus, through Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) will make your pay stub available for viewing and saving on the BetterOnline™ Web Portal. VA CCC Plus, through Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) also has e-timesheets available to help get you paid faster! If

Individual ProviderOne (IPOne) is the online, electronic payment system that allows Individual Providers to submit timesheets, receive pay for hours worked for in-home clients, and allows providers to manage Medicaid claims. Approve timesheets and submit signed timesheets to VA CCC Plus, through Public Partnerships for each attendant. Keep track of the service authorizations and use. Hire, supervise, and discontinue employment of attendants.