Socata 700a sheetmetal

AIA Sheet Metal is custom metal fabrication supply shop whose focus is on offering only the highest quality products at competitive rates. We pride ourselves on supplying construction and roofing companies with quality products that match their own high standards of workmanship.

S&R Sheet Metal's is a leader in high-quality sheet metal fabrication. We also specialize in sheet metal forming and the manufacture of stainless, mild and spring steel, copper, brass and aluminum sheet metal products. We started business in 1987. Contact us today for your sheet metal needs. Understanding the Outside Setback of the workpiece is an important part of designing sheet metal parts. The Outside Setback is the distance from the apex of the outside mold lines to the tangent point of the outside radius. When the sheet metal is bent the inside radius pulls the edge of the material away from the apex of the bend.

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