Ap bio equations and formulas review sheet 2

Important Concepts and Formulas - Sequence and Series Arithmetic Progression(AP). Arithmetic progression(AP) or arithmetic sequence is a sequence of numbers in which each term after the first is obtained by adding a constant, d to the preceding term.

equation of the tangent line at x a is given by yfa faxa . 2. fa is the instantaneous rate of change of fx at x a. 3. If fx is the position of an object at time x then fa is the velocity of the object at x a. Basic Properties and Formulas AP BIOLOGY EQUATIONS AND FORMULAS Statistical Analysis and Probability x = sample mean n = size of the sample ... Hardy-Weinberg Equations p 2 + ...

AP Calculus BC CHAPTER 11 WORKSHEET PARAMETRIC EQUATIONS AND POLAR COORDINATES Name Seat # Date Review Sheet A SEE OTHER SIDE 1997 CALCULUS BC (a graphing calculator maybe used) 1. During the time period t = 0 to t = 6 seconds, a particle moves along the path given by x tt t3cos S and y t 5sin S . a) Find the position of the particle when t = 2

View Notes - AP Bio Equations and Formual Review Sheet Key from BIOLOGY bio 1 h at Santa Margarita Catholic High Sc. AP Biology; Statistics Review 2013! @ AP BIO E UATIONS AND F ORMUL REVIEW SHEET AP BIO EQUATIONS AND FORMULAS REVIEW SHEET #2 Formulas: Chi Square e o e 2 2 ( ) F 6 o = observed individuals with observed genotype e = expected individuals with observed genotype Degrees of freedom equals the number of distinct possible outcomes minus one Degrees of Freedom p 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8