Lath inspection sheet

b. The Third Party Inspector should complete an Inspection Report (see Section Two) and the Inspection Checklist Work Sheet (See Section Three) during each inspection of the project. 3. Final Inspection a. A final inspection of the project should be conducted jointly by the Owner, Third Party

An electrical inspection provides inspection services for all commercial and industrial buildings, and verifies compliance with the electrical code. The intent of electrical inspection is to ensure compliance with the applicable electrical code in order to reduce personal, and structural electrical hazards. dimpled lath is manufactured with approximately 1/4" deep dimples that raise diamond mesh away from solid surfaces to enable thorough plaster or stucco penetration into and behind the lath for superior mechanical bonding. The dimples are spaced every 4-6" over the rectangular sheet. This lath is ideal for manufactured stone

G0509G Precision Lathe Inspection Record -2-No. Diagram of Measuring Method Allowed Tolerances Typical Measured Value (mm) Typical Measured Value (inch) G1 a. Alignment of longitudinal bed slide ways in vertical plane: 0.04mm (0.0015") 0.018mm 0.0007" b. Parallelism of transverse direction: 0.04mm (0.0015") in 1000mm (39.370") 0.03mm 0.0012" Inspection and Measuring Equipment includes all of the tools and devices that are used to verify that a part’s dimensions all conform to the tolerances required by the part’s design. Included are various hand-held gages such as calipers and micrometers, as well as more simple gage blocks or plug ... Keeping Lath Tight Start at the center of each sheet, anchoring galvanized fasteners into the studs spaced a maximum of 6 inches apart. Keep the lath flat and tight as you work your way from the center of the lath to the outer edges. Integral Batch Color A light to mid-tone batch color is blended throughout the entire product. material and spacing of ties. This inspection may be utilized as a separate inspection or in conjunction with the framing inspection. (Must also set up a final (999) inspection when installation complete. 156 - LATH & NAIL –STUCCO INSPECTION - Exterior lath and accessories are inspected before the application of the first coat of stucco. Lathe Preventative Maintenance PM Program checklist form Customer/Cust asset # Model . . Inspection Status Safety Operation Interlocks E-stop Buttons Proper Guarding Damage Alignments inspection Level Turret Square Turret Radial Alignment Turret X-axis Centerline adjustment Head stock (Requires test cut setup) Sub spindle (May require set up) Tailstock (Requires test cut setup) Live tooling ...

inspection procedures for residential structures any project for which a building, plumbing, mechanical, or electrical permit is issued is required to be inspected to confirm compliance with approved drawings and applicable codes. in general work needs to be inspected before it is covered up. required inspections Gypsum lath (rock lath) consists of gypsum plaster sandwiched between two sheets of absorbent paper. The finish side (to which plaster is trawled) is treated with gypsum crystals for the plaster to chemically bond to and is sometimes perforated to allow mechanical bonding.