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Meet Tekno! The robotic puppy who actually listens and understands your commands! He responds to your voice, sounds, touch, and hand gestures.

should be powered from +5V to prevent damage to the T’REX controller. As the T’REX tank chassis and most other robot chassis’s use skid steering, the sample code mixes the steering and throttle channels by default to produce left and right motor speeds. This can be changed by editing the code in the tab - [RCmode]. 6 The doll comes with batteries (4 – AA) so you won’t have any tears if this is a birthday or holiday gift! I believe it would be more appreciated by little girls older than 3 and by any who love playing pretend with dolls.†“My 3 year-old granddaughter just adores this doll! Find high quality T Rex Car Accessories. Perfect as gifts for friends and families. Browse our large selection of hitch covers, bumper stickers, car magnets and license plate frames with a wide varity of designs.

T-Rex reaguoja į balsą, komandas, gestus, šviesą bei garsus Pagal nuotaiką keičia mimikas, paliktas vienas liūdi Gali vaikščioti, judinti galvą, letenas, uodegą, valgyti, riaumoti Turi du valdymo režimus Gali bendrauti su Teksta robotu šuniuku arba katyte Naudojantis nemokama programėle galima su Teksta dinozauru žaisti